About Me

I am a bi-lingual writer, writing in Hindi & English. I have been writing scripts for more than 10 years. Here’s a rundown:

  • I created India’s first web-series at the age of 20, immediately after completing my bachelors. Produced eighteen episodes over two years.
  • Since then, I have made numerous shorts, sketches, and scripted podcasts.
  • Participated in the 48HFP (48 hour film project) in 2011 and placed as a semi-finalist.
  • My anthology audio-drama podcast (in Hindi) consistently ranked in the top ten of Apple India: Performing Arts Charts.
  • Wrote & Directed a short film (in English) that played at the 2019 Digi60 film festival, Ottawa.




I was born and raised in Delhi, India but have been living in Ottawa, Canada for the past few months as I pursue a program in Scriptwriting.

I am a bi-lingual writer, equally proficient in both languages.
In fact, the most popular project I ever did was in English - a silly, animated video parodying the awful driving habits of people in Delhi. It gained 200K+ views within a week of upload.

My strength lies in writing comedy, but I dabble in all sorts of genres. In fact, I started my anthology podcast TinyTales, because I wanted to tackle a different genre in each episode. I have some production related journal entries online if you’re interested in the mechanics of an audio drama podcast.